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Newborn Cloth Diaper 5-10lbs - Little fox

Newborn Cloth Diaper 5-10lbs - Little fox
Newborn Cloth Diaper 5-10lbs - Little fox LPO-CLNNS-TIROUX LPO-CLNNS-TIROUX $12.99
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    -The diaper has two openings allowing for easy assembly and washing
    -The diaper interior is made of suede cloth (100% polyester) allowing for a feel-dry effect for your baby’s confort
    -The diaper interior have two layers of microfiber for great absorbency
    -Adjusting the diaper to your baby's size is done by using the snaps at the front of the diaper
    -The outer fabric is made of polyester, with a built in-product waterproofing for a dry, flexible and long-lasting performance
    -Size: 5-10 lb

    Fabrics: Cloth Diaper: 100% polyester

    Before first use:
    Machine wash the diapers 3 times before first use, allowing for any loose fabric from the manufacturing process to be cleaned away and to allow for maximal absorbency.

    Cleaning instructions:
    Once a diaper has been soiled, place it in a pail (intended for this purpose) or in a cloth diaper wet-bag . Do not soak or rince diapers during this process as diapers should remain as dry as possible. If you rince your diapers, you should hang them to air dry and wash within the following 24 hours.
    -Store soiled diapers without rincing or soaking. They should remain as dry as possible during this phase
    -An effective storage technique should not release foul odors.

    Rince diapers with cold water once prior to washing. This will remove any fece residue and most of the urine in the diapers. Machine wash with warm or hot water using a laundry detergent that does not contain fabric softener as this will effect quality and absorbency.
    -If your water is considered to be 'hard' water, do not rince a second time.
    -Do not add to much water in the washing machine as the diapers need to rub together in order to allow for the cleanest possible result.

    -The diapers should not be placed in the dryer more than once a month to avoid damaging the various components of the diaper
    -Placing the diapers in the dryer helps the polyurethane (laminated polyester) stay well sealed, yet too frequent machine drying could damage this component of the diaper.
    -We strongly recommend placing diapers at the sun as much as possible as sunlight is a natural whitener and also acts as an antibacterial agent.

    *To find out if your municipality is subsidizing the purchase of washable diapers, click on the following link. (Please note that only french website is available)

    About the brand

    Let yourself opt for diapers and accessories from La Petite Ourse. Scalable and comfortable, these diapers can be used up to the potty training stage.

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